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Migrations JD Edwards

Specialist of JD Edwards since 1991, Whitehouse Consultants has acquired from its clients a solid experience of the migration to newer versions of JD Edwards. We have known all versions of the product (from A7.2 to A9.2 and B73.2 to EnterpriseOne version 9.0). In addition, we were among the first European companies to implement Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne V 9.0. Whitehouse helps you determine whether to upgrade your version and, if so, accompany you throughout the upgrade.

Our Diagnostic Upgrade - 2 Days To Build A Strategy

To help you build the most appropriate upgrade strategy for your business, we offer a 2-day Flash Diagnosis. At the end of two days, you will have concrete information to help you decide whether to do it. evolve your version and, if necessary, you would also have recommendations on the options available to you.

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Modular and Flexible Methodology

Our modular methodology will allow you to be accompanied from end to end or choose only the services you really need according to your internal resources and skills. Each customer is unique: our experts will offer you the most appropriate approach in your configuration.

Lump Sum Commitment

With many years of experience, in-depth product knowledge and rigorous methodology, Whitehouse Consultants offers an Oracle JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne upgrade at a predictable cost and time. Our know-how allows us to offer you a flat-rate commitment on a large part of the project's activities.

Upgrade Accelerateurs

Our complementary tools target the critical aspects of the migration project: they allow to accelerate and make reliable the different phases of the project.

  1. Purging and Archiving Data: Oracle strongly recommends that you purge and archive Oracle JD Edwards data before each upgrade. With ARCTOOLS, upgrades take less time and are more efficient. For more information, visit the page ARCTOOLS purge and archive.
  2. Technical Evaluation: DWS always identifies any specific or modified object with real value-added to be migrated (OPTIMUM List). All unused objects since "X" months, orphaned, obsolete or considered "modified" but fully standard are identified and removed from the list of objects to migrate. With the DWS Dimension tool, you can precisely identify any changes made to objects in your environment over time:
    • Each object, whether: - specific, standard modified or copy of the standard is inventoried and evaluated on the basis of a detailed analysis of the code
    • Line-to-line comparison between modified objects and standards, with a detailed report of all differences encountered: from layout to important structural changes
    • Estimate of the migration effort
  3. Resolving Integrity Issues: InsightSoftware is a valuable ally in the search and resolution of integrity issues, an essential activity before a migration. Thanks to its configurable drill-down you arrive directly at the heart of the problem. With Insight you can realize in a few clicks all states and queries allowing you to freeze the situation "before migration" and compare it with the situation "after migration" For more information, visit the page Insight Business Optimisation.
  4. Deployment Speed. The User Productivity Kit (UPK) is a platform for personalization and content creation. It can be used at different levels and stages of the project:
    • Implementation help: documentation of business processes and production of test scripts
    • Online training: writing of training manuals and recordings to be made available to the end user
      • "See it" option: the process is run by UPK, the user can follow the progress of the flow in real time with notes and explanations
      • "Try it" option: ": the process is carried out by the user with a step-by-step help system activated in case of doubts or blockages
      • "Know it" option: knowledge test with evaluations
      • Training documentation
      • Support to knowledge
  5. Load Test and Performance Analysis: NeoLoad is the load testing software designed for web applications. It simulates realistically user activity and analyzes the behavior of your servers.
    • Preconfigured monitoring and alert thresholds for quick diagnosis of your servers
    • Intelligent identification of the critical points of your applications

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