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Whether they are ambitious SMEs or large multinationals, our clients work in different sectors. On the other hand, they share the same goal: to exploit technology strategically to forge a sustainable competitive advantage.

Whether you are implementing an ERP for the first time, or looking for experts to strengthen an already trained team, Whitehouse Consultants is your partner.

If you want to contact one of our references, do not hesitate to come back to us. We will send you their contact details.

Aggregate Industries

"For more than eight years, we have worked closely with Whitehouse on a number of strategic projects and are currently considering migrating to EnterpriseOne 9.0. Privileged interlocutors, consultants help us set up and manage innovative solutions for our users, spread across more than 350 sites in the UK and Europe. If in doubt, we can rely on Whitehouse to explain the merits of a particular JD Edwards option. "

Mike Gibbons, DSI


"For more than a decade, Whitehouse has worked intermittently with Cargill, including support for an international deployment and ongoing maintenance of World Software applications. Over the years, a strong relationship has developed and Cargill recognizes the quality of resources provided by Whitehouse. Throughout this period, Whitehouse has never stopped communicating with Cargill so as to keep them constantly informed of product developments. "

Steven Raraty, Technical Business Analyst


"Given the tight deadlines imposed by Fosters' new marketing channel in the Nordic countries, external assistance was essential. Three new Fosters companies had to be configured in JD Edwards and the business processes associated with order management and procurement had to be developed. With previous experience, Whitehouse entrusted this mission to a senior consultant who took care of everything with a professionalism and an unparalleled level of competence. The project was completed on time and with a budget lower than expected.

Peter Darling, Project Manager


"Whitehouse Consultants France has combined its extensive knowledge of the Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne software package with its long-standing experience with mid-sized, high-growth projects. Whitehouse Consultants France was able to ensure a highly successful implementation of ERP on time and in the budget. The Whitehouse Consultants France team has, in addition, demonstrated a real understanding of the key success factors in our business, and has helped us to make our information system a strategic lever giving us a definite market advantage over to our competitors. "

David Norwood, Project Manager

George P. Johnson

"We appreciate the flexibility that ARCTOOLS gives us. We have the flexibility to create purge and archive functions that are ideally suited to the custom tables and applications we built in JD Edwards. "

Brian A. Bartkowiak, DSI

The Lunette Guild

"What really impressed us with ARCTOOLS was that unlike other tools, with ARCTOOLS we could see the results right away."

Xavier Laurent, IT Architect Urban Planning Manager

Mayer Electric

"First of all, it was done in record time. With ARCTOOLS, we knew that the purging and archiving process would be fast and efficient. Secondly, ARCTOOLS did not immobilize or slow down our computer systems, which we appreciated very much. In other words, we were able to perform the purge and archive jobs without compromising the performance of our production database or hindering the work of users. Finally, the consultants were very helpful and were extremely reliable. "

Barry Carden, DSI


"We managed to service 45% of our business data in accordance with the integrity rules inherent to JD Edwards, the expectations of our sales managers and the French regulations in force. ARCTOOLS has worked immediately, quickly, efficiently and safely. We recommend all JD Edwards users to use ARCTOOLS for their purge and archive project "

Roger Beesley, IT manager

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